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Stand Alone (Off-Grid) Solar System Repairs

Looking for someone to fix or check your stand alone solar power system? We can help you!
  • On-Site System Diagnosis & Fault Finding
  • Battery Upgrades & Battery Replacements
  • Off-Grid Inverter Repairs & Replacements
  • Storm & Flood Damaged Solar System Repairs & Insurance Claims
  • Stand Alone System Health Checks & Panel Cleaning
  • Warranty Claims

Stand alone solar power systems are a very specialised area of work. There are a lot more components involved and each system is different and tailored to the household’s individual energy requirements. A stand alone solar system needs regulator maintenance to ensure it is working correctly and performing to its full potential.

Drawing on our 22 years of solar experience with both on and off grid solar power systems, All Natural Energy has the knowledge and experience required to offer on-site servicing and trouble shooting for your stand alone solar power system. Nathan Brown has full CEC accreditation for both on and off grid systems and has been installing systems all over NSW for the past 20 years. Nathan is familiar with just about every stand alone solar product there is on the market and has extensive experience in diagnosing and solving problems for off grid systems. He will offer honest and reliable advice and a down to earth friendly and patient approach – no upselling or sales tactics! We will have a genuine interest to solve any solar problem you have and find the best solution for you and your budget!

Whilst we are based on the beautiful Hawkesbury region of Sydney we can offer our services to a wide range of areas including people in remote areas who may not have access to a local solar expert who they can turn to.

Please call our friendly office on 02 4573 1441 for a quotation to your suburb / region - we are happy to help as many people as possible and are happy to travel to a wide range of areas including Bathurst, Lithgow, Colo & Wisemans Ferry.

Solar Repair Service Call Pricing

Includes first hour on-site. Please note these prices are a guide only. Additional Charges may apply depending upon panel location and system size.

Solar Repairs Hawkesbury Region
$250.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Penrith Region
$250.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Blacktown Area
$250.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs The Hills District
$250.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Blue Mountains
$300.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Hornsby Region
$300.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Parramatta
$300.00+ GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Camden Area
$300.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Liverpool Area
$300.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Campbelltown
$300.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Lithgow Area
$350.00 + GST+ any parts used
Solar Repairs Northern Beaches
$350.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Central Coast
$400.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Wollongong
$385.00 + GST + any parts used

Stand Alone System Upgrades

What should I do if my stand alone solar system is old and needs upgrading?
All Natural Energy can also assist customers with stand-alone system upgrades. Often as your household increases or circumstances change, so can you energy needs. Increasing your battery size or inverter kilowatt capabilities can help accommodate a larger energy consumption.

Call our office today to discuss any of your needs. We can supply and install a range of solar products including deep cycle batteries, inverter chargers, solar panels and regulators.

Visit our online shop to see our wide range of solar products.

Solar Rebates​ For Solar Upgrades?

Do I still quality for any rebate if I upgrade my stand alone solar power system?

The good news is yes you can!

While the Renewable Remote Power Generation Program ended a long time ago, the federal government’s Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC rebate) is still available for both grid connect and stand alone solar system customers.

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) is the official term of what is commonly deemed Australia’s residential solar rebate. STCs are a component of the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, this is the specific individual and small business component of the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Target. This was developed to promote the use of renewable and sustainable energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In the process the Renewable Energy Target has created a market, with a financial incentive for small businesses and Australian households to install solar power systems.

What are STCs?
STCs are created upon installation of a Solar PV System with a solar panel capacity under 100kW. The number of STCs created is dependent on the solar system size and geographical location.

The created STCs can be sold in a live market which is used to reduce the cost of the installation to the home or business owner. In practice, Solar Installers normally take ownership of the created STCs and simply charge the customer for the difference.

How do I qualify for the rebate? What are the requirements?
  • The rebate is only eligible for customers adding solar modules. Battery upgrades and inverter upgrades do not qualify.
  • The solar system must have a rating of no more than 100 kW and a total annual electricity output less than 250MWh
  • The new solar panels and existing inverter must be on the Clean Energy Council approved products list, and the inverter must have sufficient capacity. For a list of CEC approved inverters and solar panels please see the below links to the CEC website:
  • All components (including electrical elements and fixtures) must meet the current relevant standards.
  • The STC rebate is no longer available for replacement solar modules, only additional solar modules.
  • System upgrade must be carried out by a CEC Accredited solar installer, who must attend the site – not just sign off on the job.
  • The system upgrade must comply with all local, state, territory and federal requirements and safety standards.

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