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Common Solar Problems

If your system is displaying any of the below signs, dont delay, you may be loosing vital power and income from your solar power system:
  • Your solar inverter is blank or not switching on.
  • Your solar inverter is showing a red light or the fault light is on.
  • Your solar inverter is showing an error code or state code.
  • Your solar panels are showing signs of corrosion or are cracked.
  • No solar credits are showing on your electricity bill, or a significant decrease in solar credits have occurred on your energy bill.
  • Your solar inverter is tripping your circuit breaker.
  • Your solar inverter is showing zero production or zero kilowatts for the day.
  • Your solar inverter is showing an E031 error (common with ABB / Auroura inverters).
  • Your inverter is showing a relay-check-fail message.
  • Your solar inverter is showing a D-27 error (common in Sharp inverters).
Other Common Solar Faults
Is Your Solar Inverter Showing A Relay Failure?

If your solar inverter is showing a ‘relay failure’ or ‘relay fault’ on the display, it means that your inverter will most likely need to be replaced. A relay failure message appears when an internal relay inside the inverter fails to operate correctly. This error is usually accompanied by a red light or fault light appearing on the inverter.

If a relay failure appears on my inverter what should I do?

If you are having this issue, the first thing you can try is to re-boot your solar power system. This can be done by following the below procedure:

Step 1: Turn off the solar supply main switch located in your main switchboard.

Step 2: Turn off the PV array DC isolator (located next to your solar inverter).

Step 3: Wait for approximately a minute.

Step 4: Turn the solar supply main switch back on in your main switchboard.

Step 5: Turn the PV array DC isolator switch back on next to you inverter.

Step 6. Check to see if the problem is still appearing on your inverter display.

If this above procedure does not clear the error, you will need to contact All Natural Energy or your chosen solar installer for support and organise an inverter replacement.

Is Your Solar Inverter Showing An Isolation Fault?
If you inverter display is showing an isolation error or fault, it is usually an indication there is a problem on the roof, either with the rooftop isolator or with the solar modules themselves.

This isolation fault can often appear when your rooftop isolator, either due to wear and tear or through poor workmanship, is no longer sealing properly and has water ingress. Often this issue can be solved by simply replacing the isolator.

In other cases, an isolation error presenting on your solar inverter may indicate a problem with your solar modules. Over time some solar modules may corrode and begin to leak to earth. This often can be an intermittent problem, appearing after periods of heavy rain, or just in the morning when there is dew on the panels (which later evaporates later during day and the error disappears). In the case of the panels leaking to earth, the customer may be entitled to have the panels replaced under a manufacturing warranty (this will depend of course on whether the solar manufacturer is still in operation and the age of the solar system.)

All Natural Energy has assisted many customers with solar panel warranty claims, lodging claims with companies including Trina Solar, Q-Cells, Suntech and Canadian Solar. This warranty process can be involved and time consuming, with most manufacturers needing detailed paperwork, photographs and test results to approve any claim. All Natural Energy is confident and experienced with lodging panel warranty claims on behalf of the customer and has the knowledge and experience to ensure the proces is as smooth running and fast as possible. We will endeavour to get your solar panel system back up and running as soon as possible.

If your solar inverter is showing an isolation error please call our friendly office on 02 4573 1441.

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