Solar Inverters - Repair Or Replace?

Is my inverter still under warranty?

Most inverters come with a standard 5 year warranty. If your inverter happens to be under 5 years old, it is definately worth investigating what options you have available to repair or replace your inverter under warranty. Firstly you will need to check if the manufacturer of your inverter is still in business.

Unfortunately a large number of inverter manufacturers have closed down or their Australian offices have closed and in these cases customers will have no avenue to have their inverter replaced or repaired under warranty. Brands we know of in this situation include:

  • CMS inverters (Carbon Management Solutions Solar Inverters)
  • Inspire Solar inverters
  • Sunny Roo inverters / Beyond Building Solar Inverters
  • Orion Inverters
  • Solarmax Inverters
  • Sunteams Inverters
  • Oelmaier Inverters
  • Effekta inverters
  • Solar King Inverters
  • Aero-sharp Inverters
  • KLNE (Kinglong New Energy) Inverters
  • Sunna Solar Inverters

If you are unsure if your inverter manufacturer is still operating please feel free to give us a call on  (02) 4573 1441, we can guide you through the process and assist with any warranty claims. We can even deal directly with the manufacturer and complete all the necessary paperwork for you. 

Should I repair or replace my solar inverter?

In cases where your inverter is no longer within the warranty period or the manufacturer has closed down, All Natural Energy can supply and install a replacement inverter for you or arrange to have your inverter repaired by a service agent. Please note however often the cost of a repair can be a very expensive option and a lot of customers would be better off purchasing a new inverter that will offer another 5 years warranty rather than paying for it to be repaired. This is especially the case with inverters 3kw or under in size. 

When repairing an old inverter the customer must consider the following costs involved: 

  • The disconnection of the faulty inverter from site by an accredited installer
  • Packaging and shipping of the faulty inverter to a service agent
  • The actual repair costs to the inverter (which will include inspection costs, parts and labour) - please keep in mind if an inverter is no longer in production some parts may be hard to source
  • Freight changes to return the repaired unit to the customer
  • Installation of the repaired inverter on-site by an accredited installer and testing of the system
  • Loss of solar income over the duration of the repair process

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