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Solar system repairs and breakdowns

Are you concerned your solar system is not working? Has your original installer gone out of business? There is no need to worry as we can help you! A large number of solar companies have closed and many of their customers have been left without any point of contact for their solar system if they require maintenance or repairs. At All Natural Energy we can offer expert advice and assistance and will work with you to get your solar system back up and running as soon as possible. We understand each day your solar power system is not producing power, you are losing valuable money! All Natural Energy offers service calls and assistance for both grid connect and stand-alone solar power systems. Call us on 02 4573 1441 today to arrange a service call.

Solar power system health check & panel cleaning

If you are concerned your system is not working to its full potential or your power bills are not correct, it may be worth checking all of your components are in good working over. All Natural Energy can organise a formal inspection to assess and test your solar components and ensure your system is working to its full potential and your power bills are set up and being charged correctly. Panel cleaning can also be added to your service call for an additional fee of $10.00 per panel.

Assistance with storm damaged or stolen solar components

All Natural Energy can offer advice and organise replacements for your solar components in the event your panels or inverter are storm damaged or stolen. It some cases an inverter may be damaged from a localised lightning strike and be replaced under home insurance. All Natural Energy are happy to assist you with any insurance claims and can liase with your insurance company directly if required. We are happy to provide any necessary documentation required for your claim. A common fault we come across is in the Sharp JH1600E inverters which, if affected by a lightning strike or power surge, show a "d-21" or "d-27" error.

Warranty claims or replacements for faulty components

Over recent years we have seen a number of inverters break down due to a number of factors. All Natural Energy can assist you by organising a replacement inverter with your manufacturer if your inverter is still within the warranty period. We will source and complete all of the necessary paperwork on your behalf to make the change over as simple and quick as possible. In cases where your manufacturer is no longer is business or your inverter is no longer under warranty, All Natural Energy can supply and install a replacement inverter for you or have the unit repaired if this is a more cost effective option.

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