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How much will a solar service call cost me?

Solar system not working? Needing a solar technician or solar repairs expert? We can help! We offer very competitive pricing for our solar service calls and can guarantee they will be carried out by the business owner, Nathan Brown, who is a licensed electrician with full CEC Accreditation for both stand alone and grid connect solar power systems. Nathan has over 23 years hands-on experience with designing and installing hundreds of solar power systems all across NSW. He will offer reliable, honest and friendly service & the highest quality workmanship and that is why we are still in business after 23 years. We do not use inexperienced and under qualified staff who might be cheaper to service your system but will lack the understanding, experience and knowledge of what it takes to get the most out of your solar power system and get it back up and running as quickly as possible. We promise to offer honest, down to earth advice and will not try to up-sell unnecessary components or new systems to customers when they are not required.

Solar Repair Service Call Pricing

Solar service call rate includes first hour on-site. Any additional hour will incur an additional charge at a cost of $120.00 per hour + GST. Please note these prices are a guide only. Additional Charges may apply depending upon panel location and system size.

Solar Repairs Hawkesbury Region
$180.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Penrith Region
$180.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Blacktown Area
$180.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs The Hills District
$180.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Blue Mountains
$200.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Hornsby Region
$200.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Parramatta
$200.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Camden Area
$200.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Liverpool Area
$200.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Campbelltown
$200.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Sydney CBD
$250.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Lithgow Area
$285.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Northern Beaches
$290.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Central Coast
$320.00 + GST + any parts used
Solar Repairs Wollongong
$350.00 + GST + any parts used

Area not listed above?

Please call our friendly office on 02 4573 1441 for a quotation to your suburb / region - we are happy to help as many people as possible and are happy to travel to a wide range of areas.

A solar service call - what is included?

Each solar service call will be carried out by the business owner, Nathan Brown, who has full Clean Energy Council Accreditation (CEC No: A6975251) for both grid connect and stand alone solar power systems. Nathan has over 23 years hands on experience in the solar industry, having personally installed hundreds of solar power systems throughout New South Wales.
We promise to offer reliable, friendly and honest advice and will have you, the customer’s, best interests at heart. We are not a sales company, just a down to earth family business who cares about our customers and giving them the best service possible.
  • Our initial inspection will include:
  • Assessing and testing your solar grid connect inverter - looking for any red lights or fault messages/codes on your solar inverter. Common faults include relay failures, ground faults, inverter showing zero production and just a blank inverter screen.
  • Measuring the power inputs coming down from your solar modules.
  • Inspecting and checking your solar isolators for any damage or water ingress and checking ground cabling
  • If our readings from your solar modules appear a concern, Nathan will also access your roof and inspect and test your solar modules.
  • Any minor solar faults which are detected during the above inspection will be rectified at the initial service call for you – with the cost of any parts being added to our service call fee.
  • If it is established that your inverter needs replacing at the initial service call, Nathan may then be able to supply and install a replacement inverter at the same time for you – saving you a second call out charge. This will however depend upon the individual site and whether the existing inverter type, brand and size are available at the time.

Is there anything I can check before organising a solar service call?

  • Before booking a service call it might be worth looking over these simple trouble shotting tips which may help get your system back up and running without the cost of a service call.
  • Check that your DC isolator (usually located next to your inverter) is in the “ON” position.
  • Check that your Solar Supply Main Switch, located in our switchboard, is also in the “ON” position.
  • Check whether your inverter is showing any error code or red lights – which might be explained in your customer inverter manual. If an inverter is blank it may be an internal fault with the inverter or an isolator and a service call is recommended.
  • Check your E Total readings for the day – usually displayed on your inverter – to see if your system is generating any power, and if so, if it matches with your system’s expected output. If you inverter is showing a zero production we would recommend organising a service call.
  • Checking for any worn-out terminals or loose wires connected to your inverter.

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